Our ideal home exchange

Please e-mail us if you would like to discuss a possible exchange.

This site tells you about the house we have to exchange in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We thought you might also want to know a little bit about us, and about what we are looking for.

We are a small family – mum, dad and two young children. Our kids wake us up early so we're not going to stay up late partying or make your neighbours angry.

We are looking for home exchange opportunities to take us to other cities and countries for a few days, weeks, or even longer. We both work full-time in digital communications and research, and might be vacationing or working during our home swap.

Please e-mail us to tell us a little bit about the home you have available to trade for ours. We are particularly interested in:


Here are a few of the places on our travel wish list:

  1. Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco and the Bay Area (for summer 2011)

  2. Seattle (for long weekends)

  3. Toronto

  4. New York

  5. Berlin, London or Rome

  6. Paris or the French countryside

  7. other lively cities or beautiful countryside destinations


We love to be near lively business districts that offer cafes, playgrounds, bookstores, groceries and other shopping – within walking distance is ideal. We'd also love to know whether you're close to public transit and what the parking situation is like. If you have a country home to trade we'd love to know where the nearest town is and what it's like.


We would prefer a home with at least two bedrooms, though could swap for something smaller if it's a short-term trade. We have children and while we are vigilant parents, you probably don't want us in your home if you like to keep glass figurines on low shelves.


We really need regular Internet access while on the road, so please let us know if your home has a high-speed Internet connection. Our alternative is to find a local cafe with wireless Internet access, so if you happen to know about WiFi access in your community, we'd love to hear your tips.


We will be bringing our two young children (both in elementary school) with us, and may require childcare while in your community. If you have childcare tips or arrangements to share on your end, we may be able to help you find childcare here in Vancouver. Alternately if you have a bedroom that could accommodate a third adult we might bring our children's caregiver with us.


We're happy to feed or water any gerbil, cat or parrot that doesn't mind being petted or chased by a kid. You are welcome to bring your well-behaved, quiet and non-destructive pet to our home.


We have a Honda minivan which we would consider trading for use of your vehicle.